Why Us


✅DiW makes the World Lightest Rolex Daytona, GMT-MASTER II, Sea-Dweller and Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 by using NTPT carbon fiber, which is widely used in Richard Mille watches.

✅We, WORLDTIMER, is the official agent of DiW in Hong Kong, China, Macau and USA. We handle sales, warranty, parts, repair and services.

✅DiW is a NO DISCOUNT brand. However, official agent like us can offer discount to our own customers.

✅We have DiW watches "Not Anywhere Shown", Not Even in DiW official website. We also have the most real watch photos and videos. It is because we are your closet friend so let us handle everything you need at this one-stop shop, and this way DiW can remain its role and focus as the manufacturer. If you have something in mind not shown in here, let us know and we can create one for you too. As long as you are keen, we will get you what you want.

✅DiW Daytona price for example, is just a little bit higher than the price of regular Rolex Daytona 116518LN or 116519LN, but in return you get a limited edition watch not only lightest but incredibly resistant and reduce the effects of aging because of the NTPT carbon fiber. Our watch can last for decades and that's why we confidently offer 7 years of international warranty. Smart customers are buying our watches, watch value rises faster than normal Rolex too, so what are you waiting for.

✅For detail information and to see what others say about us, please visit our Press Kit


🔯DiW設計和生產全世界最輕的勞力士碳纖地通拿海使型格林尼治型II 和 百達翡麗Nautilus 5711主要是因為使用了Richard Mille廣泛使用在它運動型手錶的NTPT碳纖維令手錶能最輕量化DiW的所有碳纖手錶都不超過80g最輕的只是大約40g!




🔯DiW的價錢,例如是地通拿,價錢大約稍微貴普通版的勞力士116518LN或116519LN一點, 但不單止你能擁有一支限量版手錶而且不會刮花,不會退化和極難撞崩,所以DiW很有信心地給客戶七年的全球保養而DiW手錶的升值速度和幅度都比一般普通版的高。精明的客戶都選擇買我們的手錶,你還在等什麼?

🔯 要收看詳細資料和看看別人怎樣說,請瀏覽: Press Kit