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"Designa Individual seemed to be going for a bit of a Richard Mille theme but in the form of a customized Daytona. It works, and the combination of 18k yellow gold, black carbon, and the green strap make for a very inspired look (Carbon Emerald)."
Hands-On With A Designa Individual Aftermarket Carbon Daytona & Feelings About Customized Rolex Watches
aBlogtoWatch - March 06, 2020
"All models are united by a concise, but a thoughtful design that will appeal to both fans of racing and Rolex connoisseurs."
Rolex Daytona Motley from Designa Individual
MidTown Watch - September 20, 2019
"DiW has crafted a custom made Rolex Daytona watch in a full forged carbon case, becoming the lightest Daytona ever created."
MasterHorologer - August 29, 2019
"DiW has rendered the Daytona case in high-tech forged carbon – a material more Richard Mille than Rolex– to create the lightest version of the watch ever built."
Introducing: Designa Individual Carbon Daytona Watch
ORACLE TIME - September 14, 2019
沒見過這樣碳纖維勞力士 全世界最輕的Daytona
世界腕錶 - November 14, 2019
"比利時定製腕錶公司 DiW 再度迎來新作,帶來一款全新碳纖維版本 Rolex Daytona「Carbon Lime Daytona」"
DiW 打造要價 $48,000 美元 Rolex Daytona 全新碳纖維定製腕錶
HYPEBEAST - September 16, 2020
"最近發布了CARBON ROLEX DAYTONA RAINBOW特別定製彩虹🌈系列,錶圈鑲滿漸變色藍寶石、錶殼由歐洲高端碳製造、錶盤上賦予粉紅/ 藍色調、黃金裝飾、藍寶石、配以粉色尼龍錶帶,粉紅 / 藍兩色之選"
Designa Individual Watches(DIW)於2011年由創立兩位比利時珠寶藝術家 / 設計師Victor&Morris Rampel兄弟創立,結合現代技術與珠寶藝術,締造出最高品質、獨一無二定製腕錶逸品
東TOUCH - August 13, 2020
"Henry 話客人除咗買錶之外,亦都會向 Henry 訂錶同埋詢問新貨嘅消息。佢話能夠以買埋之外嘅方式服務客人,除咗帶到滿足感比佢之外,亦都突顯到佢哋品牌嘅專業同埋對錶嘅熱誠!"
旋轉商店品牌故事 (11) – 稀世之寶- 高端改裝錶
Carousell - May 11, 2020
Designa Individual Watches (DiW) is the Manufacturer of DiW Watches.
Customers & Editorials
Custom Timepieces by CRM Jewelers
DiW Price List 2022
DiW Price List 2022
DiW Patek Philippe Carbon 5711 Nautilus "BLACK GRAIL"
The New Patek Philippe NTPT Carbon 5711 Nautilus Project is Out, the lightest Nautilus in the World, by DiW
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